You can book up to 6 people here. If you are more, please call us.
Choose the number of people, the date and the area where you want to sit. When you go to all areas, you will be reserved 
the seats that are still available at that time.
Then click on “Jetzt reservieren”
Enter your data such as your name etc. Afterward, you will receive an SMS and/or e-mail with the data you entered for your reservation. 

Attention, our tables are preset to 2.5 hours dwell time, if you want to stay longer, very welcome. Just call us and leave your preferred time and phone number on the answering machine. 
We will call you back and inform you if we can arrange it that way.
The table will be reserved for max. 15 min. longer than the start time you specified. After that, your reservation run out. If you have reserved on the terrace, you will not have a table in the guest room in case of rain, storm or cold. We thank you.
Click here for instructions and terms of use.

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